Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fort Harrod Outing

On Friday night we went down to Harrodsburg, Kentucky, to see the "Battle for Kentucky" play at Fort Harrod State Park.  The play is the story of James Harrod, a friend of Daniel Boone who was among the original settlers of Kentucky.

On the fort grounds is a 200-year-old osage orange tree.  It is the unofficial largest osage orange in the nation (unofficial due to the fact that its trunk is split).

This monument is the George Rogers Clark Memorial, built in the '30s to commemorate George Rogers Clark and other pioneers who crossed the Appalachian Mountains.

Harrodsburg was the first permanent settlement of "the West" (west of the Appalachians).

Shawnee Indian

Outside Fort Harrod

Watching the play

Daniel Boone (right) meets with a representative of the Transylvania Company

The coolest part of the play was the Indian attack on the fort - complete with real fire!

In the end it was a really late night.  The play probably had a little too much dialog for our kids to follow.  But the value was probably not some much in what they saw as in that they saw it.  A good family experience they will remember.

Baby Chicken Update

Just a quick chicken video

And the biggest news for the "babies" is that we've gotten our first eggs from them so I guess they are now officially hens.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wilmore 4th of July

It's been a few years since we've been able to enjoy the July 4th festivities in our little town of Wilmore.  People often refer to Wilmore as Mayberry, and it definitely has that feeling on July 4th.  The town has a parade and then community festival at the old campgrounds. 

Jarrod Polsen was the Grand Marshall.  Jarrod is a local guy who just graduated from the University of Kentucky and was a member of them men's basketball team (you will not understand the significance of this if you are not from KY). Though the team always listed him as being from Nicholasville, he's actually from Wilmore and lives on the other side of town from us.  We've gotten to know his sister and mother as they were counselors at Wilmore's day camp last year.  His sister has also tutored our kids and just returned from a mission trip to Ethiopia.  They are a wonderful family and it's been fun for our kids to be exposed to a "famous" basketball player. 

This was Caesar's favorite delegation because they threw out dog biscuits to all the dogs in the crowd!

Of course any parade these days wouldn't be complete without politicians.

Our kids marched with their summer camp program.

Not many towns have reps from their local evangelism ministry march in their 4th parade.

The highlight of every parade is the Lawn Mower Brigade.  I had to run to the campground to pick up the kids so I missed their routine that they perform. I had to include a little video of them though for all you Wilmorans out there that weren't able to see them for yourself this year. 

Had to include some pictures of the John Deere tractors for my nephew Hunter

And the Farmalls for my Dad
AJ's favorite float-SUBWAY

Who knew Uncle Sam had a pony?!?!

Some local horses from Asbury University's Equine program

If you want to see more (professional) photos of the festivities, you can click here to see pics from the local newspaper. 

We as a family enjoyed supper together and some fireworks later that night.
Chloe helped me with the fruit bowl.

So festive!

I also baked some potatoes, squash, & zucchini from our garden. YUM!

The hens enjoyed the leftovers (you knew I couldn't do a post without a picture of the hens)

We let the kids stay up way later than they usually do to have some fun with sparklers and fireworks.

Monday, June 23, 2014

And So It Begins

This last week has been in the 90's and let me tell ya, I'm already tired of the heat and humidity.  Not that I'm ready to go back to our sub-zero days of winter, but I'd love a day in the 80's with a lot less humidity than we've been having.  My garden would really be suffering but since I'm using the Back to Eden method of growing with a mulch covering, everything still appears green and lush.  I've watered the plants in the greenhouse and a few ones in the garden that seem to be struggling a bit, but haven't watered anything else (yet).  I've been able to just hand water using water from the rain barrels so no extra expense on the water bill!

Yesterday, I picked our first cucumber

This morning, I harvested this

And by tonight, I found a zucchini and pulled a potato plant (just a volunteer one that was in the way of some other plantings)

The funny thing about the acorn squash is that I did not plant any acorn squash.  Its growing in one of the side beds so I guess it got imported with some compost.  I've never prepared acorn squash, but after a quick internet search, I decided to bake it up for supper. I found this recipe on and it seemed pretty straightforward and easy.

First I cut the squash in half

Scooped out the seeds (like a pumpkin)

Place the halves face down on a cookie sheet and popped it in the toaster oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

Reserved the innards for the chickens and ducks (both went crazy when I throw this out for them)

After 30 minutes, I pulled the squash out of the oven, put 1 TBL of butter and 2 TBL of brown sugar in it, closed it up and put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes.

Pulled it out, sliced, drizzled some of the sugar/butter mixture over it and served.

Everyone said it tasted sweet (thanks to the brown sugar, no doubt) and Matt & Essie had 2nds.  This is a good side-dish and a good way to get some more fiber and vitamins into your diet.

We also had our first (of like 100) sunflowers open today.

If you look hard at the flower above, you can see a bee in the bottom of the face (about 6 o'clock)

I took this one holding my phone with my arm completed extended and I'm still looking up at it. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Most Fun Recycling Program Around

No chickens eating mice today, just lots of old freezer-burned food we cleaned out of my in-laws extra freezer (pizza, taquitos, peas).  When I think about all the food that my chickens have recycled, it utterly amazes me.  In the last month they have not only eaten stale bread and vegetable peelings, they've also dined on leftover french fries, Chinese food (they love the rice with vegetables), popcorn, stale potato chips & crackers, leftover steak, meatloaf, lunch meat, wilted celery, cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower, leftover pasta of all assortments, and more freezer burned food than I can recount.  I do remember lots of frozen meals and frozen vegetables. Oh, and they devoured past-its-prime home-made grape juice, salsa, and tomato sauce. They even downed a freezer-burned half carton of vanilla ice cream and a past-date gallon of milk. Oh, and of course bugs, worms, grasshoppers (yes, that was a fun one to watch) and the occasional mouse (not so fun to watch).  All in all, chickens are some of the best recyclers I've ever seen. (pigs are probably the best recyclers, but Matt refuses to let me get one!) and they turn all that garbage into delicious eggs.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Chicken Eating a Mouse

Holy Cow, how has it been this long since I've posted to the blog?!?!  Oh yeah, I took the kids to see my family in IN last week and entered the "NO WIFI" zone.  Now I'm trying to make up lost work time and time in the garden.  Well, because you all have been so patient with my lack of posting, here is a killer video (seriously, the chickens killed and ate a mouse so you may not want to watch this before eating a meal).

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Our Own Version Of The Olympics was yesterday at our kids' school. Its always a fun day for the kids and I overheard more than 1 parent talk about memories from their OOVOTO days at Wilmore Elementary School.  The day opens with an Opening Ceremony where all the kids who have lived overseas (many missionary kids, Int. students from seminary kids, and adopted kids at our school) get to carry their country's flag.

Our kids got to carry the Ethiopian flag

Friends Margaret & Courage with the Liberia flag

Opening Ceremony

Once the Opening Ceremony was finished, the classes break up and participate in different activities at five different stations around the school.  This is the part I didn't necessarily think through as a mother with children in more than 1 grade level.  I told several parents that they should call it the "Parents Olympiad" because I basically cris-crossed campus all day to see as many of my kids' activities as possible. 

So here are a ton of videos of my kids doing all kinds of sporting event, which I'm posting for family 

AJ & Classmates